How to Block Verizon Internet Payment

Before signing on with Verizon internet service, it’s wise to conduct thorough research and compare available options. That means entering your address on each provider’s website and considering download speeds, data limits and price. But don’t feel tied to Big Red; there are plenty of alternatives out there! We tapped home internet providers throughout the nation in order to locate services that may meet your requirements better.

Verizon allows you to pay your monthly bill using Auto Bill Pay from a credit card, checking account or debit card. A withdrawal will occur each month from either of those sources; there may be instances when funds become unavailable or incorrect amounts have been scheduled; should this happen you have several ways of cancelling an upcoming Verizon bill payment if Verizon has not yet taken out the funds from you.

If you need a break from wireless service, My Verizon can temporarily suspend it with just one one-time fee, although some services (like texting and data usage) may still incur charges during suspension periods.